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Joy's World 2013 Titles

It has taken me approximately two years to figure out how to logistically create this animation. I did a storyboard but did not know how to acheive it in a 3D software package. I had studied using Maya 2012 but when my student license ran out, forking out $6000 for a legitimate commercial copy became too expensive. So I reviewed Blender 3D which I had tried years ago. It was around the time they simplified their interface and made it more logical and organised, keeping their professional results. Here are the results of hundreds of hours of work.

This is the official shortened version

This is the original long version

Experiments in 3D environment building

These are stills I created from objects that I found and modified in the public domain creative commons. I built the layout of the building, textured and applied lighting.

No Sweat

Opening titles for sports orientated show hosted by Fleur Castlereagh