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The following are all examples of works I have done as an editor

I use both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro and easily switch between them

Oprah, Come a "Waltzing Matilda"

with US in Australia!!!


Immigrants of slave descent who choose to call Australia home, celebrate Oprah's


The Return - Drag Queen Version


When a drag queen tries to return a pair of faulty high heels, two snobbish shop assistants refuse to accept it, leading to an all out revenge...

Yianni's City Life

Nominated for Logies 2011 in Lifestyle catagory

Shown on TVS Sydney, Ch31 Melbourne, QCTV Brisbane, C31 Adelaide and CTV Perth

I shot and edited Series 04 - 10

Yiannis City Life logo

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Joy's World Ser 07 - 09


"Joy's World" is an institution on Sydney Community Television otherwise know as "TVS". Her show has been on air for over 20 years and it is the longest running show on Community TV in the whole of Australia. She is also the oldest actively presenting person in the world!

I was Editor on series 2007 - 2009. Every Friday night for two years I produced one episode for Joy Hruby each week editing at her house after work. She fed me dinner, so it was a fair trade. I often did not go home till 1 to 3am the next morning. Joy stayed up all that time with me, although nodded off once or twice during the edit!

"Nolan is the best editor I have ever worked with" - Joy Hruby

"Tommy" - A tribute to Joy Hruby's

sister played at her funeral


‘When the Boys Come Marching Home’


Old King Cole's Garden Party


The Return - Shona's Version


When a customer tries to return a pair of faulty high heels, two snobbish shop assistants refuse to accept it, leading to an all out revenge...

Dreaming in Creative Process

Rosalie Juhl, performance artist



Editing video testimonials for skin care company under direction from owner Frank Sellam

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"The Backpacker" - Behind the Scenes

Feature Film Released 2011

Embassy Pictures


Other Videos

40th Anniversary of the Malayan Emergency - DOP and Editor

Tara's Ticket To: The French Riviera - Episode 1

The Tenant - DOP and Editor for this comedy

Elle McMurran - Miss Australia Contestant - Cancer Council events

Kembla Water Tech

Cert IV Student works